Transforming the way organisations make decisions

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How Business Intelligence Works with Sheetless

Connect Data Across the Organisation

Bring in data from a range of sources and use it to inform and validate your simulation models

  • Bring in data from across the organisation
  • Augment models with data
  • Compare observations to simulations

Model your Systems

Use Sheetless' unique graphical modelling interface to build models of your system which are easy to understand, maintain and communicate.

  • Build simulation models to inform decision making
  • Models are easy to understand, share and maintain
  • Models are inherently less prone to error than traditional tools

Create Interactive Dashboards

Connect your models to management dashboards to help you communicate and explain new insights.

  • Use pre-built widgets to rapidly assemble interactive management dashboards
  • Change parameters and see how key indicators recompute
  • Present and compare KPIs under a range of scenarios
"We are looking forward to working with the Sheetless platform to create a powerful system of data for our business area that allows everyone to understand their contribution to mission success. My team are very supportive of the approach we are taking and it will transform our approach to management information."
Rod Brown, The John Lewis Partnership

About Sheetless

Sheetless helps people understand complexity and discover actionable insights. It's easy to build models of complex systems. Simulate forward, and test the outcome of potential decisions. Share your work with anyone and make an impact. From global enterprises to early-stage startups, people are using Sheetless to better understand their world.