Transforming the way organisations make decisions

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"We are looking forward to working with the Sheetless platform to create a powerful system of data for our business area that allows everyone to understand their contribution to mission success. My team are very supportive of the approach we are taking and it will transform our approach to management information."
Rod Brown, The John Lewis Partnership

How Business Intelligence Works with Sheetless

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With Sheetless you can upgrade from simple business logic to powerful, expressive, and connected models of your business. You can use Sheetless to explore the future, test decisions, and understand the drivers of performance.

Embrace Connectivity

The Sheetless Platform lets organisations embrace complexity. Unlike traditional modelling tools, Sheetless is designed for interconnected organisations that compete in a fast-moving landscape.

  • Model how systems will evolve in the future
  • Forecast key metrics
  • Identify leverage points

Design Better Decisions

The Sheetless Platform lets managers test the impact of decisions, before making them.

  • Understand the impact of decisions
  • Generate real-time management information
  • Identify better interventions