DigitalTwins of Systems and Organisations

Sheetless is a cutting-edge no-code simulation platform that lets you map, understand and analyse the interdependencies between aspects of your business operations - processes, resource allocation, KPIs etc. and bring them together into a single model - A DigitalTwin of your organisation.

What makes the Sheetless Platform different

Build powerful digital representations of business processes, business models and strategies. Connect them to your data, perform analysis, arrange outputs into management dashboards, and publish them as web applications inside your organisation - all without writing a single line of code.

Build DigitalTwins without code

Sheetless lets teams build state-of-the-art simulation models using a unique drag-and-drop interface.

  • Forecasting, Scenario modelling and what-if analysis

  • Collaborate on and share models across teams

  • Version control, edit history, access controls

Integrate with data

Create dynamic representations of your organisation, synced for real-time adaptability.

  • Use data to inform & validate digital twins

  • Drag & drop files. Connect to data warehouses

  • Custom data connections

Deploy & share

Publish digital twins and quickly build out interactive reports using the Sheetless UI kit. Save reports across the organisation, and allow analytics consumers to self-serve insight.

  • Define interactive reports, dashboards and scorecards

  • Publish digital twins to private URLs

  • Set fine-grained access controls to restrict who sees what


We are working with the Sheetless platform to create a powerful system of data for our business area that allows everyone to understand their contribution to mission success. My team are very supportive of the approach we are taking and it will transform our approach to management information.

Rod Brown from The John Lewis Partnership

Digital Twins are powering the future of decision-making in organisations

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