Careers at Sheetless

Here at Sheetless our mission is to make complex systems more understandable and approachable, and to provide the tools to tackle the biggest problems. We think that everyone, from individuals through to corporations and governments, can benefit from a clearer understanding of the world around them, and to understand how they can improve it for the better.

We believe that accessible simulation and visual presentation is key to delivering this mission. Simulation is a lofty word, but everything from a simple budget in a spreadsheet, through to climate models, are simulation. We are bridging the gap between spreadsheets and more specialised simulation, so that everyone can benefit from these techniques.

We're seeing it used in business for their marketing and sales pipelines, allowing them to experiment with different approaches without spending a penny. We're seeing it used in healthcare, allowing for better treatment planning in the face of disruptions and never-before-seen situations. We're seeing it used in business intelligence, enabling dashboards to show not just the past, but multiple different projections of future scenarios.

We are building a platform that can be used by anyone. By analysts who need something more powerful and maintainable than a spreadsheet. By data scientists who need a flexible simulation system on which to perform experiments. By executives who need to know how to make the best decisions for their business. By bringing this all together, they can all benefit from their pooled knowledge to see a better future.

We're based in London, but are all working remotely, and looking for people within the European area. We'd like to organise (occasional) real-world meet-ups in future, so you should be able to travel for that.