Careers at Sheetless

We believe that designing and managing complex systems is one of humanity's most fundamental challenges. Our technology is transforming the effectiveness of corporations, public services, and governments by giving people the tools to think more clearly about systems and ask what-if? questions.

Simulation models of complex systems like companies and hospitals can be used to deliver insights - like where best to put an extra doctor in an A&E department in order to cut waiting times - that enable people to make better decisions in the real-world. If you are looking for an interesting technology challenge with the potential for enormous social impact, you may just have found it!

Founded by two entrepreneurs with deep experience of start-ups, simulation technology and modelling, we are looking for our first hires to form the core of the company. We believe that technology is the most important driver of value - and as such are focused on building out the core engineering team to advance the core product and surrounding infrastructure.

We're bringing the benefits of simulation to a much wider audience, which means we have the interesting challenges of the simulation space, with high performance requirements, and optimisation and statistical techniques (or is that ML/AI? ūü§Ē). But a great tool is no tool at all if unused, and so we have an equal focus on the UX, and working with users to help solve their problems in ways they can understand. As we are developing a tool to be used by businesses and professionals, we have a keen focus on keeping a stable core that people can depend on, but iterating quickly around that core to bring a better product to our users. We're keenly focused on static typing from the start, and on an appropriate sprinkle of testing to ensure everything keeps working.

We are a fully remote company. Our only requirement in terms of location is that you are able to be in London occasionally - and that you have a decent WiFi connection! Roles are generally flexible, as we're looking for the right people, not the right checkmarks on a requirements list. If you have any questions about working at Sheetless or would like to apply for one of the positions, please get in touch with

For a flavour of our current technology stack:

  • React and Next.js for handling the general ins-and-outs of running an SPA in the browser, and also server-side rendering.

  • Lower level rendering with SVG/canvas where performance is key. WebGL as a likely avenue in the future.

  • Parser/Compiler for turning user formulae/projects into high performance code, with the interactive JS backend powering the calculations in the SPA.

  • Backend Next.js and Rust API docker images, running on GKE.

Front-End Engineer

Want to work on a simulation IDE? Build out an interactive environment for building models of systems ranging from businesses and hospitals through to biology and the environment. Focus on providing first class UX and friendly feedback to help people solve their problems without frustration. Build out new visualisations to let people see their systems clearly.

As one of our first hires, you will work directly with the software engineer co-founder. In this role you will have a large influence on the product and its future, and a large impact on technology choices, UX and style. You'll be entrusted to take on a range of responsibilities spanning the gamut of design and UX, as well as the more hidden aspects of in-browser data management, automated layout, and more.

Sheetless has a fully statically typed technology stack, a combination of TypeScript and Rust. On the TypeScript side, we're using a base of React/Next.js, Redux and Immer as the core libraries/frameworks. There's also use of web APIs to provide a rich and responsive experience, including SVG, canvas, and WebWorker. Rust is also used on the client via WebAssembly.

We're using Material UI as our base component library, although as we grow defining a more bespoke style and UX will become more important. As our first frontend-focused member of the team, you will need to be comfortable and capable of designing, prototyping, and building out UI/UX of the platform.

Core experience we're looking for:

  • TypeScript/JS, with other statically typed languages a plus. Overall experience in the range of 3-5+ years.

  • Experienced in React or similar component technologies.

  • Comfortable with end-to-end UI building, prototyping visual/UX design through to implementation, testing and maintenance.

  • Have worked and architected/maintained larger application state management, with Redux or other related approaches.

  • Have built out custom visualisations, with Canvas, SVG or WebGL.

Compensation: £65 - 70k


Location: Remote, UK