A project is a model (or collection of models) that share a common set of project settings. These may include shared simulation time settings, shared data, or some other common feature. Every model belongs to a project, and the projects are organised and accessible from the Sheetless dashboard.

From within your dashboard you can select the + New Project button to create a new project. This will open a dialog box from which you can name the project, choose whether it will be public or private, and add a summary, description etc.


New projects, by default, contain a single model with the same name as the project name. You can add, rename and delete models from a project by clicking on the arrow next to the model name:


You can access the project settings from the menu bar within a sheetless model by following project > project settings

From the project settings you can choose the start and end time, and hence the number of time steps for which the simulation will run


The period in which the simulation starts. Typically, we use period 0, but sometimes we only want to simulate from a point in time onwards - perhaps where we have used historical data and want to model into the future starting at some given period.


The last period of the simulation. If our simulation period is 1 month, then starting at 0 and ending at 12 would be equivalent to one year of simulation. For finer-grained simulations, where one period might be an hour, or a minute, we might need to run many steps into the future.