For Organisations

Understand the drivers of performance

Sheetless simulation tools are powering the next generation of Business Intelligence solutions. Move beyond historical data by building connected models of teams and processes. Connected to dashboards, those models let you explore scenarios, test decisions, and understand the best interventions to improve performance right across the Enterprise.

Sheetless For Enterprise

Transform the way your organisation makes decisions

How Business Intelligence Works with Sheetless

Fast & Intuitive Modelling

We've made it easy to build systems simulations so you can be more productive.

  • No code
  • Modern Visual Interface
  • Powerful Function Library
  • Auto-layout Simulation Elements

Connect to your organisation's data

Plug your organisation's data into systems simulation models to help you understand the drivers of performance, and test-drive decisions before you make them in the real world.

  • DataTable Elements
  • Easy-to-use Spreadsheet-like Data Format
  • Custom integrations with other data sources

Powerful Integrations

Sheetless is built for the web, letting you integrate simulation models with modern data science workflows

  • Export models as programming Modules
  • Integrate with ML workflows in Notebooks
  • Use simulations to generate data for other applications