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Powerful Models

Simply drag, drop and connect visual simulation elements to model your system. The framework is easy to learn yet has the power and flexibility to model the most complex systems.

  • Visual Model Builder

  • Full System Dynamics Modelling Capability

  • Custom Simulation Elements

Connected to data

Sheetless lets you connect to live data so the digital twin provides insight into the current and future state of the system.

  • Support for .csv

  • SQL connections

  • Custom connectors to bespoke datasources

Easy to Collaborate

Sheetless is built for teams so that everyone's understanding is reflected in the applications you deploy and seek insight from.

  • One click to publish & share as a web page

  • Publish models to Python, R, C, Javascript and Rust libraries

  • Export data to visualise in BI applications such as Tableau or PowerBI

Next Generation AI Insights

Gain powerful insight by applying AI techniques to simulation models of your systems.

  • Sensitivity Analysis to identify key drivers of metrics of interest

  • Optimise resource allocation across the system

  • Root cause analysis to identify bottlenecks and key leverage points

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