Welcome to the frontier of Business Intelligence

Move beyond spreadsheets. Secure, robust and scalable, sheetless makes it easy to build connected models of your business to deliver unprecendented insight into the future. We're on a mission to empower the world's best organizations to make better decisions, today.

The Sheetless Platform

Integrate data

Add real data from you business - be it sales data, website traffic, or staff turnover - and match real-world behaviours.

  • Enrich your model with granular data about staff or customers
  • Plug in past data, and get your model to follow
  • Use simulated data from your new model for further analysis

Build connected models

Build visual models of your business with simple visual elements which can be linked endlessly to describe sophisticated business logic

  • Model key flows and metrics
  • Think in systems to understand the bigger picture
  • Plan a single use case or plan the entire enterprise

Visualise results

Visualise the results of what-if scenarios. Test decisions. Simulate forward, and make better decisions.

  • Understand how key outputs change through time
  • Visualise uncertainty built into your model
  • Study the best, worst and most-likely outcomes

Explore insights

A systems approach reveals powerful new insights. Understand the key interactions in connected companies.

  • Understand and visualise how parts of a system relate to one another
  • Identify the root cause of bottlenecks or pain points
  • Find the leverage points where intervention is most impactful

Optimise decisions

Accurate models of systems can be used to optimise our decision-making in the real world. It's where models meet reality.

  • Try out new strategies and scenarios
  • Explore alternatives alongside one another
  • Find the model inputs which give you the best outcome

Collaborate gracefully

Software engineers have the tools to collaborate seamlessly. We think building models should be the same.

  • Share models with collaborators and control their access rights
  • Models are automatically saved and versioned
  • Roll-back models to a previous state

About Sheetless

Sheetless helps people understand complexity and discover actionable insights. It's easy to build models of complex systems. Simulate forward, and test the outcome of potential decisions. Share your work with anyone and make an impact on your business. From global enterprises to early-stage startups and small businesses, people can use Sheetless to better understand their world.