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Sheetless makes it easy to build connected digital twins of your system to deliver unprecendented insight into the future. We're on a mission to empower the world's best organizations to make better decisions and we're here to show you how.

Intuitive Use

Simply drag, drop and connect visual elements to model your business system. Our discoverable feature set and pre-built templates let you build powerful analytics applications in minutes.

  • Visual Editor

  • Simulation capability

  • Visual debugging

  • One click deployment

Expressive Modelling Primitives

Sheetless lets you model real-world processes in a consistent way. Not fitting reality into a rows-and-columns view of the world.

  • Simulation Elements

  • Visual connections

  • Powerful Formulae

  • Random Processes

Time on Your Side

The real-world is dynamic. We treat time as given in every model you build so it's one less thing to think about.

  • Configurable time settings

  • Stock & Flow visual elements

  • Play, pause & replay the simulation

  • Simulate into the future

Bring twins to life with data

Sheetless lets you connect to live data so the digital twin provides insight into the current and future state of the system.

  • Drag & Drop Files

  • Connect to SQL Datastores

  • Custom data connections (Enterprise)

  • Parameterise, compare counterfactuals and validate twins

Enterprise Collaboration

Sheetless is built for teams so that everyone's understanding is reflected in the applications you deploy and seek insight from.

  • One click to publish & share

  • Fine-grained access controls

  • Custom branding

  • Custom database integrations

Manage Insight

Gain powerful insight and novel business analytics through extensible dashboards which let you test what-if questions and model new scenarios with just a few clicks.

  • Forecasting, scenario modelling & what-if analysis

  • Continuous deployment

  • Export and reporting

  • Extensible UI kit

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