Explore some of the way organisations are using Sheetless today


Marketing Analytics

Sheetless is transforming the way companies understand Marketing ROI

  • Quantify the value created across marketing activities

  • Test the ROI of new programs

  • Forecast future results under a range of scenarios

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Supply Chain Analytics

Sheetless is delivering novel insight into supply chain resilience

  • Drag-and-drop framework lets you rapidly build dynamic models of complex supply chains

  • Subject supply chains to novel scenarios and identify key drivers of KPIs / Metrics

  • Integrate simulation analytics with other data science workflows

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Capacity Planning

Model system capacity under dynamic and unpredictable demand

  • Use drag-and-drop modelling framework to model how demand flows through a system

  • Explore how the system capacity handles a range of demand scenarios

  • Use Sensitivity Analysis to identify key bottlenecks and inefficiencies

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