Optimise resource capacity

Better planning to predict & prioritise demand whether it's patient demand for hospital beds, or call center operative workload, Sheetless lets you simulate demand flow and system capacity so you can better manage capacity.

What is Capacity Planning?

A discrepancy between the capacity of an organization and the demands of its customers results in inefficiency. The organization is either left with under-utilised resources, or unfulfilled customers. Effective capacity planning mitigates this discrepancy. Both organizational capacity and customer demand are dynamic, which means that in order to achieve effective capacity planning, models must be synced with data for real-time adaptability and forward looking. Sheetless addresses both of these challenges.

Simulate capacity under dynamic demand

Use Sheetless's powerful visual modelling framework to create a digital twin of demand and capacity. Sheetless is used by some of the world's largest organisations for modelling system capacity under dynamic demand loads across healthcare, manufacturing and financial services.

Run multiple scenarios to future-proof your system

Subject that digital twin to demand and capacity shocks to ensure that the system is robust to unanticipated spikes in demand, or system failures that reduce capacity. Be that a sudden influx of patient into a healthcare system, or the failure of a key piece of machinery in a manufacturing system, Sheetless helps you prepare for and mitigate against an uncertain future.

Build an ongoing monitoring capability

Quickly build out dashboards using the Sheetless UI kit to provide an ongoing monitoring capability for your demand system. Watch how KPIs like system utilisation or waiting times evolve as new data comes in and against a wide range of possible scenarios.