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What is Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics is the practice of determining the ROI of marketing activities, as well as discovering opportunities for increasing ROI. It is the process of building an interactive model which maps and quantifies the creation of value across the entire set of marketing activities in an organisation. Done well, Marketing Analytics enables marketers to tell investors and executives a clear story which explains how marketing efforts drive revenue.
Quantify the value created across marketing activities

Projected sales are the numbers that executives want to see, which is why sales usually gets more credibility from the corner offices. But when marketing teams can gather data and map revenue cycles to accurately project sales forecasts, CEOs will start to better understand the marketing department's value.

Test the ROI of new programs

Sheetless lets you build forward-looking models of your marketing process so you can quantify the ROI of marketing efforts, run experiments to identify a more effective set of marketing activities, and optimise marketing's impact on the company's bottom-line.

Forecast future results under a range of scenarios

The CMO is too often left out of the conversation about the sales forecast. But marketing activities can have at least as much impact on next year's revenue as sales activities. With better Analytics, Marketing departments can take more responsibility for forecasting future revenue based on metrics from past campaigns and its plans for the next ones.

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