Digital Twin your Supply Chain

Understand critical interdependencies and simulate multiple scenarios. Test out interventions, alternative structures, or novel scenarios to ensure that your supply chain remains robust and efficient against a range of possible futures.

Build dynamic models of supply chains & simulate scenarios

Use our intutitive modelling framework to quickly and easily simulate your entire supply chain. Select from dynamic modelling elements to capture the key time-dependent relationships inherent in the supply chain so that you can accurately model its behaviour through time.

Connect data to validate Digital Twins

The Sheetless platform lets you bring in data via CSV, SQL query or custom data connections to ensure that the model of your supply chain is up-to-date and an accurate reflection of reality.

Generate dashboards to monitor capacity and anticipate delays

Quickly populate interactive dashboards with the KPI's or metrics you care about most. Subject your Supply Chain to shocks or new scenarios and watch how these metrics recompute. Test interventions and identify key leverage points to make your supply chain both more robust, and more efficient.

Start generating new insight into your Supply Chain with our help

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