Sysdea is now Sheetless


In September 2019, a new company, Sheetless Ltd, was formed to take Sysdea forward. Sheetless will be keeping the spirit of Sysdea, to deliver more accessible tools for understanding simulation and systems, but will also extend that goal into the wider business and professional arena.

The Sheetless software was launched in January 2020 to a closed group in Private Beta. The software is now available in General Release. Through 2020 we will be iterating on the software and growing the company, in order to continue to deliver a modern, professional product that can serve businesses and educators alike.

The new company is founded by Chris Spencer (the developer of Sysdea) and John Hill, with Kim Warren remaining closely associated as an adviser to the new company, and Strategy Dynamics Limited will continue to use Sheetless for training and education materials.

Sysdea Closure

Sysdea closed down on July 31st and began redirecting to Sheetless. All Sysdea data has been taken as a snapshot, and made available through the Sysdea Importer. As of Monday 4th May, any active subscriptions were cancelled and refunded on a pro-rata basis.

Major Changes

New Features

The ideas and functionality of Sysdea have been retained, and we plan to build on this base in the coming months with new and more powerful features.

  • Enhanced look-and-feel

  • Improved support for model layout with panels & panel navigation

  • Public profiles and projects

  • Enhanced organisational accounts, allowing for multi-user access

  • Sysdea model importer to help you bring across your existing models

  • For integrators, models can now be exported as a "library" to Javascript, to be used in more advanced data science workflows and embedding of models

  • DataTables, allowing simpler incorporation of external data into models

  • Scenario layers, allowing side-by-side comparison of different possibilities

  • Dashboard building, allowing for output of model data into a familiar dashboard layout, but retaining the ability to experiment

  • Two new free tiers, both with full modelling capabilities:

    • Community which is available everyone and provides a single private project

    • Academic available on request for those using solely for teaching and research purposes, giving unlimited private projects. Please email if you would like to apply for this.

    • More details at

  • The individual paid tier is now called Professional, which is priced at $79 per month.

    • Organisational accounts for teams, as well as for larger institutions on request.

    • See for further information

This new higher price reflects the increased sophistication of the software and will allow us to better meet the demands of professional users. Our roadmap is also aimed at supporting wider organisation-level adoption and usage.

Importing Sysdea Models

To make this transition as smooth as possible for Sysdea customers, we have developed a model importer which will let you move your Sysdea models over to Sheetless.

Technical Documentation is available at

What this means for you

We'd like to start by thanking you for support and valued custom of Sysdea over the last 7 years. We hope that this is exciting news and that you are keen to be a part of this new chapter. If so, we'd love for you to use the new service, and to support us with your feedback and insights as we continue to build out the future.

If you have questions or concerns about the transition, please drop us an email at